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isBrill.com celebrates all that is brill in the world.
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User excuses is a hysterical satire on the things we say and do as users of systems, services and everything else.

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Badgers are brilliant because they are black, white and cute all over.

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This Village

This village is Brill. That's it's name - Brill. It sits on Brill hill and has the Brill school.

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Thanet is an under appriciated but nevertheless beautiful part of Kent with a long history of offering a warm welcome to visitors.

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An awesome & addictive retro-style game of resource collection and survival. Or, you know, just like digital lego.

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The Upgrade

From time to time Matt writes a new upgrade for isBrill.com - this page lists what is happening.

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What Exactly

So, What exactly is isbrill.com then? A Place where those things we fanatically love can be celebrated.

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This Turbot is brill. Literally. Brill is a kind of flatfish in the turbot family. It is a fish with plenty of sole.

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Manston Airport

Manston Airport

Manston airport is a brilliant if sometimes overlooked asset to Kent. Providing a viable, current, alternative for the air needs of the country's capital.

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If your 404 page is dull then you are missing some good Brill on your site design. 404 Pages are Brill.

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Thanet Creative Writers: Cup and pens

Thanet Creative Writers

Thanet Creative Writers are a collective of writers from Thanet, Kent, UK.

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Red Sun Revival

Red Sun Revival are a truly innovative alternative / "Gothic Rock" group from London, England.

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This Crow

This crow is so "badass" that it is riding on an eagle.

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